Friday is 16 hands of  fabulous hair, with a flamboyant personality to match! 

Friday may be a Canadian/Percheron cross gelding, but he is 100% sassy attitude!

Friday joined CVTRS in Spring of 2018.

Friday enjoys going on the trails with his riders, and being the big boss in the fields.

Because of Friday’s height and broad, strong build, he is ideal for our adult riders, but he also enjoys getting to play with some of our smallest clients as well.

Friday owns  Program Administrator Hilary Doucette.


Cruise has come back to CVTRS after 2 years off!

Cruise was with us before, and when his owner offered him back again, we JUMPED at the chance!

Cruise is a 12 year old Appaloosa without any spots, and he is an ideal 14.3 hands high! 

Cruise is such a gentleman in class, and his silly and playful personality make him a favourite for many of our riders.


Cruise owns Caroline Neill.


Pizzaz is a 15.1 hand high, 16 year old Clydesdale/quarter horse cross.

Pizzaz may have just joined CVTRS in the fall, but it’s like she has been doing this job all her life. She must have been born to be a therapy horse! 

Pizzaz is patient and kind, gentle and sweet. 

Thanks to all the training her owners gave her, Pizzaz is the perfect horse for our more advanced riders to learn to trot and canter on!

Pizzaz owns Graeme and Connie Fowler.


At only 13hh, Layton is a big personality in a tiny package! This little horse loves his job, and can’t wait to get to work in the mornings.

Layton challenges his riders to stay present in the moment, and focused on their riding. If they don’t, Layton will start wiggling like an excited puppy!

Layton is definitely the clown of the barn, and he is always ready to play with anyone.  He always brings a smile to his riders, volunteers and staff alike.

Layton joined the CVTRS team in 2013, and is owned by CVTRS.


Bella is a 13.3hh Hafflinger mare.

Bella joined CVTRS in 2011. Her gentle, patient personality perfectly suited our smaller, more physically challenged riders. Bella quickly began to show us her versatility, and started participating in the Stable Program classes as well. She is truly an all around pony!

When Bella isn’t in classes, she can be found in her field, regally ruling over the other horses. 

Bella is proudly owned by CVTRS, and sponsored in part by Glen Parsons


Sunny, snugly Peaches is a 14hh Fjord mare who joined CVTRS in 2018.

Peaches really lives up to her fuzzy, sweet name, she is an absolute cuddle-bear!

Peaches is owned by CVTRS, and sponsored in part by Sheila May and her Grandchildren.


Hope towers over all the other horses at a whopping 16.3hh! This gentle Clydesdale mare came to CVTRS in Spring of 2019.

Hope has spent her summer learning all the ins and outs of becoming a therapy horse, and she has taken to it like a, well, a very large fish to water!

Hope is owned by CVTRS and sponsored by Loraine and Bob Swanson.


Stay tuned for updates on our newest herd member!