Become a Volunteer and change lives, one hoofbeat at a time…

At the present time, we are running 5 classes a day, with 2- 4 riders in each class. Each rider requires a minimum of 1 volunteer to lead the horse, and many require 2 more volunteers to sidewalk with them on either side of the horse. This means that there are always 2 volunteers in each class, sometimes 12! Needless to say, things can get pretty crowded and interesting at times! But we always manage to have fun, and keep safety as our first priority. Our volunteers give an estimated 8,000 hours per year, equivalent to $83,600. We currently have approximately 100 volunteers, and we always are on the search for more! Volunteers must be 14 years of age to help in the stable area, and 16 years of age to help in classes. Email or drop off your completed Volunteer Application Form today!

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Side-walking and horse handling  – “hands on” assistance helping participants interact with our therapy horses
  • Barn chores/horse grooming – grab a shovel or a brush and join us in the barn!
  • Board of Directors – your unique skills and experience are invaluable to our governance. Consider joining our Board of Directors.