Our Wish List

Our wish list never ends it seems. You know what they say about horses.

We are looking for the following items. Please contact us if you would be interested in donating any one of these items or you know of some else who might be interested.

Donations of this type help us keep our operating costs down and permit us to meet our financial goals. Thank you for your consideration.

Our most immediate needs are:

A pony sized breast plate

New tires for our Gator

Pony sized bitless bridle

Poly-pad saddle pads

Wood and building supplies to help build an extension off of our mounting ramp

A small trailer to pull our Gator to and from the service shop


Our on-going needs are:



More hay!


All-Phase lite horse grain

Halters and lead ropes

Fly masks

Fly spray

Horse first aid equipment like SWAT, vet-wrap, thermometers, ice packs, polysporin eye, iodine, animal-intex pads…

Manure fork heads


Bit connectors for the bridles

Gloves for our riders and volunteers, adult and child size