Sponsor a Horse

Our horses are very special. They need special care, too.

With the help of our committed and enthusiastic staff and more than 100 dedicated volunteers, CVTRS operates Monday through Friday, with over 100 clients attending each week. This feat could not be accomplished without CVTRS’s amazing herd of 12 very special horses.Willy

Our horses range in age from 8-24, and are all different body types and personalities. Some are quiet and patient, and others are sensitive and responsive. Some are broad of back, while others are slim. We have short horses and tall horses, slow horses and slightly slower horses…but they all share a magic about them, a true gift for healing and understanding.

 A barn full of twelve horses carries an annual bill of $60,000, or in other words it costs about $5000 a year to properly care for each of our 12 therapy horses. Our horses work hard, and they deserve top-quality care. This include stable management, high quality local hay and feed, regular farrier and veterinarian care, field and barn maintenance, equipment, and lots and lots of attention. There’s no doubt it’s an expensive venture, but worth every penny to the person who has their life changed through their time spent with one of these special horses.

Anyone who has ever been to the barn has witnessed the benefit to our clients, and will tell you what an amazing experience it is.  The horses truly help improve the quality of life for their riders, one hoof beat at a time.

At the CVTRS, improving lives for our clients would not be possible without the generosity of our extended community. By sponsoring a therapy horse, you are ensuring their continued space in our programs, enabling them to continue the remarkable work they do each day. Please consider one of the options below or call us at 250-338-1968.

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