Friday is 16 hands of  fabulous hair, with a flamboyant personality to match! 

Friday may be a Canadian/Percheron cross gelding, but he is 100% sassy attitude!

Friday joined CVTRS in Spring of 2018.

Friday enjoys going on the trails with his riders, and being the big boss in the fields.

Because of Friday’s height and broad, strong build, he is ideal for our adult riders.

Friday owns  Program Administrator Hilary Doucette.


At only 13hh, Layton is a big personality in a tiny package! This little horse loves his job, and can’t wait to get to work in the mornings.

Layton challenges his riders to stay present in the moment, and focused on their riding. If they don’t, Layton will start wiggling like an excited puppy!

Layton is definitely the clown of the barn, and he is always ready to play with anyone.  He always brings a smile to his riders, volunteers and staff alike.

Layton joined the CVTRS team in 2013, and is owned by CVTRS.


Sunny, snugly Peaches is a 14hh Fjord mare who joined CVTRS in 2018.

Peaches really lives up to her fuzzy, sweet name, she is an absolute cuddle-bear!

Peaches is owned by CVTRS, and sponsored in part by Sheila May and her Grandchildren.


Hope towers over all the other horses at a whopping 16.3hh! This gentle Clydesdale mare came to CVTRS in Spring of 2019.

Hope has a curious and silly personality, always making everyone laugh with her antics! 

Hope is owned by CVTRS and sponsored by Loraine and Bob Swanson.


Simba is the distinguished gentleman of the CVTRS barn! With his kind nature, gentle manners and extra soft nose, Simba helps put anxious minds to rest, and gives his riders the confidence to shine! Simba joined the team in Spring of 2021

Simba is on the larger side for a Fjord, at 14.2 hands high. 

Simba was generously purchased for CVTRS by the group 100 Women Who Care, and is sponsored in part by Glen Parsons


This dashing  Halflinger is Sarge! Sarge is a powerful 14.2 hands of self-appointed “Barn Stud Muffin!” Sarge loves to play with his riders, always making everyone laugh with his silly expressions and enthusiasm for life! Sarge started his therapeutic riding career with us in Fall of 2021

Sarge is proudly owned by CVTRS


Moxie is a such a confidence booster for our riders, her willing and generous spirit puts everyone at ease, and makes them feel secure. Moxie is a 14.1 hand high Fjord/Quarter Horse cross. Moxie joined the herd in Spring of 2022

Moxie is proudly owned by CVTRS


Brandy is our sweet, sensitive, empathetic mare. Brandy loves nothing more than to connect with her riders, and show them how to bring out their best selves. A 15.2 hand high Canadian cross, Brandy shines as bright as her gleaming red coat! Brandy joined the barn in Winter of 2021

Brandy was generously purchased for CVTRS by Del and Sylvia D’Arcangelo.